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FTC Supplied alumina ceramics parts to J-PARC 3GeV synchrotron electron accelerator incident beam lines vacuum duct  


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Exhibit at MICRONORA  


Exhibit at Semicon West 2016  


Exhibit at SWTW(Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop)2016


Exhibit at SUBCON THAILAND 2016


Exhibit at Optatec 2016


Exhibit at MDM East 2016


Exhibit at 1st CERAMICS JAPAN - Highly-functional Ceramics Expo


Exhibit at Semicon China 2016


Exhibit at MDM West Medical Device & Manufacturing West


Exhibit at SEMICON TAIWAN 2015


Exhibit at OPTO Taiwan - The 24th Int’l Optoelectronics Exposition


Exhibit at Nepcon Malaysia 2015


Exhibit at SWTW(Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop)2015


Exhibit at 2015 TAIPEI AMPA & AutoTronics Taipei


Exhibit at MD & M WEST 2015


Exhibit at SEMICON Japan 2014


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Exhibit at Semicon Taiwan 2014


special holiday on July 18、2014 (Fri).


Exhibit at Semicon West 2014


Exhibit at NEPCON Malaysia 2014


Exhibit at SWTW(Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop)2014


Exhibit at 5th Medical Development & Manufacturing EXPO (Medix)


Exhibit at NEPCON JAPAN 2014


Exhibit at Semicon Japan 2013


Exhibit at Semicon Taiwan 2013


Exhibit at International Vacuum Congress (IVC-19)


Exhibit at Semicon West 2013


Exhibit at NEPCON Thailand 2013


Exhibit at Semicon Japan 2012


Exhibit at Semicon Europe 2012


Exhibit at Semicon Taiwan 2012

Fine Ceramics
Alumina Ceramics
Zirconia Ceramics
Silicon Nitride Ceramics
Silicon Carbide Ceramics
Aluminium Nitride Ceramics
SiAlON Ceramics
Low CTE Ceramics
Machinable Ceramics
Mica Machinable Ceramics
NitrideMachinable Ceramics

Fine Ceramics

Fine ceramics have high strength, high purity high heat resistance and used for parts and components used in the manufacture of FPD as well at several process stage of semiconductor manufacturing. >>

Alumina Ceramics

Alumina ceramics are widely chosen in engineering ceramics. The ceramics exhibit high electrical insulation, abrasion and corrosion resistance as well as good cost effectiveness. Ferrotec Ceramics provides a wide selection of alumina materials such as over 99.99% of high purity grade alumina and high plasma resistance alumina etc. >>

Zirconia Ceramics

Zirconia Ceramics are recently known as the high hardness and high toughness material by stabilization of crystalline phases. The Zirconia ceramics are used for the edged tool material and used in grinders by its superior mechanical property.>>

Silicon Nitride Ceramics

Silicon Nitride Ceramics are the high hardness and high toughness material and has high temperature resistance and high heat shock resistance properties, which can be used in high load and high temperature environments. Our Silicon Nitride Ceramics are widely used in Semiconductor equipments and general industry machineries.>>

Silicon Carbide Ceramics

Silicon Carbide Ceramics are light, high young modulus and high hardness material which has highly potential as structural materials. The ceramics are capable to be used as Abrasion resistance material as well as the materials which is used under high load condition with precised dimension maintenance. Also, the material has some certain level of electrical conductivity, so exhibits electrical static discharge function.>>

Aluminium Nitride Ceramics

The highlight of Aluminium nitride ceramics' property is high heat conductance. Also the material has other unique properties which are high florin plasma resistance and similar expantion coefficient with Silicon (Si). With these benefits, the Aluminium Nitride ceramics is used in many different applications which are required high heat conductivity and/or high plasma resistance such as the parts used in semiconductor equipments We provide both high heat conductance grade and high purity grade of the aluminium nitride ceramics.>>

SiAlON Ceramics

SiAlON Ceramics are the solid solute material of Aluminium (Al) and Oxygen (O) into Silicon Nitride, which have the low heat expansion and high strength properties, therefore can be used in high temperature and high heat shock condition. The application of the SiAlON ceramics is semiconductor equipment parts as well as general industrial machinery parts as high temperature resistance structural materials>>

Low CTE Ceramics

Low CTE Ceramics exhibit Zero expansion at room temperature, and one of the most light engineering ceramics. The Low CTE ceramics are widely used in semiconductor equipment and high precision instruments with its unique property. >>

Machinable Ceramics

Machinable Ceramics are ceramics that are easy to machine by normal machining tool such as lathe or machining center.
Inspection jigs and parts for the manufacture of FPD and semiconductors can be found in large-item, small-scale production.
In the face of growing expectations for reduced lead times in all processes from design to trial production, machinable ceramics are being widely put to use in these fields are their precision-machining and quick-delivery attributes are utilized to fullest advantage. >>

Mica Machinable Ceramics

This is the dense, high-grade compound ceramics created through a fusion process that used glass as a matrix and uniformly separated out mineralized fluorian phlogopite and zirconia microcrystals. >>

NitrideMachinable Ceramics

The special characteristics of this ceramics material are its low thermal expansion and excellent mechanical strength. It is particularly suitable for small parts that require ultra-precision machining.
We have also Photoveel Ⅱ-s with similar thermal expansion to silicon. It is also suitable for parts like Photoveel Ⅱ.
Both are used for Inspection equipment and micro machine insulating parts. >>

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