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Corporate Philosophy

Bringing Satisfaction to Customers

We commit our customers to achieve success through the production of high quality, competitive products and services in the electronics and other major industries.

Caring about the Environment

We commit polices and actions to promote sustainability and innovation while being considerate to our environment through sensitivity in manufacturing.
We address global environmental issues and will develop products and materials that enable new energy industry.

Providing Dreams and Vitality to the World

We commit to utilize our technologies to improve society and share the success with our customers, stockholders, employees, and business partners.

A Code of Conduct

"A Code of Conduct" is a provided standard of action for Ferrotec Group's officers, employees (including part-time employee, temporary staff), which Ferrotec Group will conduct it’s business activities based on it's company philosophy.

Based on a global point of view, we always plan to harmonize with the global society, and act sincerely with a firm corporate philosophy and social common sense, not to mention observing the laws and ordinances of each country, as a company which supplies products and services which contributes to the life of people related to communities and others around the world.

Ferrotec Group's aim is to offer high quality products and service, mainly to the "New Energy Industry" and "Electronic industry", and be trusted by customers and satisfy them, by providing price competitive products and service.

Ferrotec Group considers to positively promote activities, which take into consideration of world environment, as one of our most important management task, and adapt to the latest environment control request in order. In Addition, we aim to develop material, products, and etc, which can be utilized in the "New Energy Indusrty" so that we can contribute to solve the world environment problem.

Ferrotec Group will contribute to the society through manufacturing, utilizing our original technology, and continuously be a company which has expectations to grow, for people, such as, our customers, stockholders, employees, clients, communities, and stakeholders.

As for company activities, we aim to act with social common sense, such as, observing the laws and ordinances, social order, and international rules.