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Silicon Carbide Ceramics

Silicon Carbide SiC

Silicon Carbide Ceramics are light, high young modulus and high hardness material which has highly potential as structural materials. The ceramics are capable to be used as Abrasion resistance material as well as the materials which is used under high load condition with precised dimension maintenance. Also, the material has some certain level of electrical conductivity, so exhibits electrical static discharge function.


  • Semiconductor Process Equipment Parts
  • General Industrial machinery parts
  • Abrasion resistance part
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General Properties

Material Code Main Component Purity(wt%) Color Density(g/cm3) Water Absorption(%)
SC902E 97 Black 3.15 0

Mechanical Properties

Bending Strength(MPa) Young's Modulus(GPa) Vickers Hardness(GPa)
490 400 22

Thermal Properties

Max.Operating Temperature(℃) Coefficient of Thermal Expansion(1/℃ ×10-6 Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity(W/m・K) Thermal Shock Resistance ΔT(℃)
RT~500℃ RT~800℃
1600 3.8 - 170 300

Electrical Properties

Volume Resistivity (Ω・cm) Dielectric Constant Dielectric Loss
Q Factor
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage
25℃ 300℃ 500℃ 800℃ 10GHz
104 102 10 10 - - - -