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Silicon Nitride Ceramics

Silicon Nitride Si3N4

Silicon Nitride Ceramics are the high hardness and high toughness material and has high temperature resistance and high heat shock resistance properties, which can be used in high load and high temperature environments. Our Silicon Nitride Ceramics are widely used in Semiconductor equipments and general industry machineries.


  • Semiconductor Process Equipment
  • General Industrial Machinery
  • Heat resistance parts
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General Properties

Material Code Main Component Purity(wt%) Color Density(g/cm3) Water Absorption(%)
SN606 90 Gray 3.16 0

Mechanical Properties

Bending Strength(MPa) Young's Modulus(GPa) Vickers Jardness(GPa)
750 285 16

Thermal Properties

Max.Operating Temperature(℃) Coefficient of Thermal Expansion(1/℃ ×10-6 Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity(W/m・K) Thermal Shock Resistance ΔT(℃)
RT~500℃ RT~800℃
1200 2.7 4.2 23 700

Electrical Properties

Volume Resistivity(Ω・cm) Dielectric Constant Dielectric Constant
Q Factor
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage
25℃ 300℃ 500℃ 800℃ 10GHz
1016 1013 1011 107 8 6.1 0.16 14