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Exhibit at Semicon China 2017
We will exhibit Semicon China 2017

Semicon China 2017
When : Mar. 14(Tu)-16(Th) 2017
Where : Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, Relau Pulau Pinang 11900 Malaysia
Booth number : W5 5305 under the name of Shanghai Hanhong Precision Marchinery Co.,Ltd
Exhibits :

"Photoveel series" Machinable ceramics which has high precise machinability with short lead-time

  1. 1) Photoveel - High thermal & electric Insulation
  2. 2) Photoveel II,Ⅱ-S - low thermal expansion with high strength
  3. 3) Newly developed Photoveel II-k70 - High thermal conductivity & high strength

"Fine ceramics" with high purity and abrasion resistance property
"High thermal conductivity SiC" with high corrosion resistance"

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